Movie Night

Movie Night at the BridgeWelcome to Admit One, the Bridge’s free movie night. Jesus told stories. We call them parables because they were succinct and communicated a larger principle about the kingdom of God. From that fact alone, we can interpret a great deal about the power of a simple story. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God in flesh, used stories to communicate valuable truths about Himself and about how we are to live in relationship to God. There is power in story. Stories teach us history, and they tell us truth. They inspire us and challenge us. We are motivated by stories and moved by them. Little boys dream of being heroes and little girls dream of living happily ever after because of stories they hear curled up on their parents’ laps. Stories can make us angry and they can cause us to cry. Stories shape us; they give us a way to tell others who we are. Before we could even hear the actors speak, movies were telling stories. Movies have characters, settings, and plots. They also make us laugh and cry; they make us angry and motivate us to change ourselves or work harder to change the world around us. They are a powerful and influential medium. Simply put, films do a great job telling stories in our culture. So come join us for free movie night at the Bridge and allow the power of a  story to change your life.


Coming Summer/Fall