The Ark  Nursery is designed for children 0-2 years of age.  The Ark strives to love every child, teach Bible basics such as “God made you” or “Jesus loves you,”  promote a secure and safe environment in God’s church, and help babies and toddlers develop social and play skills.

Our Ark coordinator, Leigh Leber, loves little children, listens well to parents, is spiritually mature, is dependable, and considers every detail important.  Because of her dedication to Christ and these children you will find that our nursery is a place where your child will be safe, loved, cared for and protected by all who serve there.  When recruiting, we seek out workers who genuinely love kids .  Volunteers go through a screening process which involves a background check, child first training, as well as a review of nursery policies.

Because we care about you and your child’s safety we have made it our priority to  establish policies not only protect your child but to enable you to have peace when entrusting your child to the Ark’s loving care.  Be assured that these policies are evaluated regularly for practicality and helpfulness.  Unlike our older children who register and check in at the Registration desk in “The Zone”, Ark children are registered as well as checked in every Sunday  in the Ark Nursery.  Once registered parents are giving a copy of the Ark policies and procedures as well as a coordinating band.  Please note that only those who have a coordinating band will be allowed to pick up child.  The safety of your child is important to us. Please follow registration procedures as well as nursery guidelines.  Help us keep your children safe.