I Believe I Can Fly!

I Believe I Can Fly!

So often fear keeps us from experiencing the amazing power of God’s provision and strength.  We are afraid of being rejected, abandoned, ridiculed, ostracized or just being different from the crowd around us.  We don’t want to stand out or stand up for Christ because we care more about what others think than what God thinks.   Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t He the one we will stand before one day?  Isn’t He the one who will hold us accountable?   Isn’t He the one whose  glorious face we will look into one day and have to explain why we chose this or that over His unfailing love and grace?  When we say we have faith does it show up in the choices we make or is it just a word we like to toss around to make us feel like we are Christian.

In Texas we have a saying, ” if you put a cat in an oven it doesn’t make it a biscuit”.  Same goes for us.  If we go to church, park ourselves on the front pew and sing like there is no tomorrow, give like we are the wealthiest person on this planet and pray with the most eloquent words found in Webster’s dictionary does it make us a Christian?  Does bearing the name “Little Christ” really mean anything at all if our lives do not a reflect a faith that moves mountains, a joy that raises the roof and a life that shines so bright for God that everyone around you  recognizes their need for sonscreen.

I have had the honor of learning about faith in amidst some of the most trying and exhilarating  times of my life.  But if you told me I could learn anything about faith from zip lining I would have told you that you were crazy as a bullbat.   I wasn’t born double-backboned that is a fact.  Standing  on a wooden perch high up amidst the tall trees, attached to a cable that runs from one small platform to another with only some ropes and clamps strapped around your body to keep you from breaking your neck doesn’t sound like the wisest thing to do nor the safest.  This most assuredly was not what I fixed my face for.

Oh but only God can teach us what we need to know smack dab in the middle of our what was I thinking moments.  God is good!   So there I am, strapped in like a newborn baby in a car seat, so high up it made me wish I had been born a bird, knees shaking, heart pounding, face white as a sheet  and ready to fly.  Trust me, zip lining will also improve your prayer life.  “Yeah though I fly through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you Lord are with me.”  You know what can really mess you up something fierce?  Looking down!  But perspective is everything isn’t it?  It will get the best of you if you let it.  But faith can trump perspective any day of the week.  Cross my heart and hope to spit!

The hardest part about zip lining is letting go.  When I say letting go, I mean stepping off the platform.  Thoughts go through your head that would stop an elephant in its tracks.  It takes faith to step off that platform.   Faith to step off and place your foot out into nothing but  thin air.  Faith to trust that the man-made contraption strapped around you and the cable line that holds you will do its job.  Fear says you will fall.  Fear says you won’t be held.  Fear screams at the top of it’s lungs you will  most assuredly will meet your maker!  But when you step off  into mid-air, breath held, eyes closed, fear oozing from every pore, a whole lot of shaking going on in places you didn’t know could shake. and realize you are not plummeting down to the ground  but that  indeed you are flying through the air all you can do is shout Woo Hoo!

Freedooooooooooooooooooom!   Freedom to soar!  Freedom to trust!  Freedom to enjoy the journey!   We spend so much of our time looking at life from a vantage point  that is not accurate nor complete.  Our God knows and sees all.  He has a clear view of our lives.  So by faith we should trust him that when we take a step of faith he holds us.   When we trust that He has us what more is there to do but fly.  I believe I can fly because I trust in the one who carries me , goes with me and holds me through this adventure we call life.  So step off the platform of your doubts and fears and trust that He has you.  It isn’t till you take the step that you realize He is faithful and more than able to  do all that He has promised.  “Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil.”  From a prayer to a promise all because My God is a mighty God!  Church is out!

One thought on “I Believe I Can Fly!

  1. The Holy Spirit lives within us! We are clothed with His Power! Knowing Jesus as your Savior could be comparable to becoming a super hero – and that might even involve flying (on a zip-line of course).

    Though in our fictional super hero stories we know that each has a weakness – like kryptonite for Superman. Though with God, there is no weakness – we have access to his unfailing, awesome power, love, and mercy.

    So put on your super cape of faith this week… and jump!

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